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I remember when I worked as a customer service expert at a medical clinic there was a nurse who always smelled amazing. I'd ask her what she had on and she'd always respond, "essential oils." It wasn't until years later that another friend sought me out asking me if I used essential oils in my teaching -- I had just returned from my 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Thailand. I told her that I used organic oils from Whole Foods. She asked me if I could come to a class she was teaching about essential oils, and I said yes, but I didn't go. I did feel bad though and we rescheduled for a one on one. She asked me about some skin issues I was having and I mentioned I was using eucalyptus and tea tree oil. She asked me how long I had been using them and I said about 2 weeks. "Girl!" She exclaimed. "You have to try doTERRA essential oils!" I did, and within a couple of days I had a wholesale account and started using essential oils for everything!

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We were designed at a cellular level to function in mind, body and spirit as a whole being
— Ruth Gough, doTERRA Diamond

As a yoga teacher and holistic lifestyle coach I have been saying, "Yes," to just about every request for subbing, private lessons, etc., not because I felt called in every instance, but because when the money isn't flowing, all you can think about is the money. So as healers, we say yes and yes and yes. doTERRA has allowed me the freedom to start saying, "No," if I need to and given me the joy of saying without a single doubt, "YES!" when I want to. I've made it part of my personal mission to help free other healers and teachers financially so they can say YES and NO. So, let me as you, are you interested in joining our powerful team of conscious leaders?

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