Yoga found me in 2008 at the end of one lifetime. I wandered in to my first all levels Vinyasa class with tons of expectations and plenty of walls built around me. I grew up dancing and was somewhat aware of my body already so that helped, but not really. I sweated and pushed myself to all the physical extremes feeling anger and self-loathing every time I couldn't do the things these lifetime-yogis were doing, but I kept going. I had no idea what it meant to go at my own pace; I was all or nothing. It was physically challenging, which I enjoyed. It took more time, like a few years or so, for me to startdigesting the spiritual nuggets from my teachers, but for those 90 minutes I didn't think about anything in my life that was currently falling apart. When we came to svasana (shavasana), our final resting pose, I was grateful for the loud music and dark room because I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. After that class I basically floated home. I skipped the bus from Valencia in San Francisco and walked up and down the hills all the way back to Noe Valley. I started attending that class twice a week, but I still refused to Om.

It's 8 years later and not only do I Om at the beginning and end of all my classes, sometimes I lead Kirtans and chants in groups! My teaching style, just like my study style, is a constant evolution. I try to come to every class, private session and practice with the motto of bringing our practice to our bodies and not the other way around. I urge you to notice what your body asks of you, but if you're not there just yet then I'll help guide you in a way that reminds you how to ask questions and listen for the response. I try to bring an element of tradition and reverence to a playful exploration of mind, body and spirit in a carefree and safe environment. Tears, laughter, giggles, questions and anything else you can think of that wouldn't fly in a yoga class are all welcome. I do my best to help you honor where you are because that is the only place Yoga will meet you. And you don't have to Om if you don't want to.  :)